Terms & Conditions

1.00 General

The Trustees strive to make the Terms and Conditions for use of the Centre as simple, fair, and straightforward as possible. The general philosophy is -
1.01 To keep the Centre in as good a condition as possible.
1.02 Hirers should leave the Centre as they found it, or would wish to find it.
1.03 Each Hirer is treated in exactly the same way, with no one being given preferential treatment. Hirers who can satisfy all three of the following conditions may, at the discretion of the Trustees, be entitled to a 20% discount from the rates stated below - the conditions being that -
  • the Hirer is based within the Parish of Greens Norton
  • that they are non-profit making
  • that the bookings are on-going
1.04 The Centre’s Opening Hours are, everyday, from 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. There should be no hirers on site before 9.00 a.m. or after 11.30 p.m.
2.00 Facilities Available and Hire Rates
2.01 The facilities at Greens Norton Community Centre that may be hired are -
Main Building  Hire Rates
Meeting Room No. 1 (Seating up to 14) £ 6.00 / hr
Hall (plus Kitchen for providing drinks only) £ 11.00 / hr
Kitchen only £ 7.00 / hr
Whole Building (for all parties and similar events)
£ 16.00 / hr
Rear Building  
Meeting Room 2 (Seating up to 40) (plus Kitchen for providing drinks only) £ 9.00 / hr
Toilets only (for external events) (at the discretion of the Trustees) £ 5.00 / hr
Whole Building (for sports use) £ 11.00 / hr
3.00 Bookings
3.01 No facility may be used without having been previously booked and a Booking Confirmation issued by the Trustees. Anyone contravening this may be excluded from further use of the facilities.
3.02 The Hirer must be an individual, not a group, or association.
3.03 The Hirer must be over the age of 18.
3.04 Hirers will generally be invoiced for their hire at the end of the month during which their hire occurs. Payment is then due and should be made within 14 days of the invoice date. One-off bookings must be pre-paid. Once a booking form has been received an invoice will be sent to the hirer. A provisional booking will be made. If payment is received in full within 14 days a Booking Confirmation will be issued. No booking will be valid unless a Booking Confirmation is issued. If no payment is received within 14 days the provisional booking will lapse.
3.05 It is essential when making a booking that setting up / clearing away time is included with the booking (i.e. the booked time should be from the time when the first member of the Hirer’s party enters the building to when the last person leaves the building). This is extremely important as back-to-back bookings are frequent.
3.06 If a Hirer cancels a booking within 7 days of the booking then the full booking cost will be payable. If a Hirer cancels a booking giving more than 7 days notice then 50% of the booking cost will be payable. This principle applies whether the booking is pre-paid or not.
4.00 Responsibilities of the Hirer
4.01 The Hirer must not attempt to arm / disarm the burglar alarm system.
4.02 The Hirer must not attempt to alter the boiler settings, fire alarm, burglar alarm, hand drier or extract fan controls, grease trap, electrical distribution boards, or other similar equipment. The Hirer is also not to attempt to enter the roof spaces.
4.03 At the end of the hire the Hirer must ensure that -
  • All tables and chairs are returned to the chair/table store and stored as indicated.
  • The facility is left totally clear of all Hirer’s belongings, effects, etc.
  • Any dishes, etc. used must be washed, dried, and put away.
  • The dishwasher, if used, is emptied. N.B. dishes should be cleaned in clean water before being placed in the dishwasher. The dishwasher is self dosing with detergent)
  • To ensure that all lights, power points, water boiler, etc. are turned off.
  • To ensure that all windows and doors are closed, and if a key has been issued, to lock the main entrance door.
4.04 Please note that tea towels will not be provided.
4.05 External, internal doors are not to be propped open, particularly those fitted with electronic locks and those which are fire doors.
4.06 Make all members of the Hirer’s party aware that the road system is one-way.
4.07 Nothing shall be fixed to the walls or ceiling with Sellotape / blue tack / white tack / drawing pins, etc. By arrangement, some photographs may be removed by a member of the CCA Trustees in order that balloons, banners, etc. may be fixed on the walls.
4.08 The Hirer is to ensure that his/her party do not make unnecessary noise, particularly when leaving the premises (consideration to nearby residents).
4.09 Not to cause damage to the building or its contents. The Hirer will be expected to make the Trustees aware of any damage noted before commencement of the hire. The Trustees reserve the right to charge the Hirer for any subsequent damage.
4.10 The Hirer is responsible for the conduct of his/her party.
4.11 Should the Hirer wish to leave the building before the end of booked time it is essential, for security, that he/she makes contact with a Trustee to make them aware of the fact (not simply a message on an answerphone). Contact numbers of Trustees are posted on the notice board in the Entrance and also on the external notice board.
5.00 Security of the Centre
5.01 Should unauthorised persons attempt to use the building, the CCA’s insurance may be affected - these persons are not only defrauding the Centre - they could be responsible for genuine users to be charged an enhanced hire rate as a result. This practice is not acceptable and is not fair to other users.
5.02 To avoid unauthorised persons from entering the buildings, both buildings are fitted with electronic/computer regulated locks as well as mechanical locks. The electronic locks are set weekly by computer according to bookings for the following week. Thus whilst some regular Hirers will be issued with keys for the relevant ‘mechanical’ locks these doors will only open when the electronic locks are also unlocked. There will also be some key pad locks - the codes for these will be known only by the Trustees and cleaners, and will be changed periodically. Outside the booked times the burglar alarm will be set, again automatically. Should anyone, not authorised, enter the buildings thus setting off the alarm they will incur a resetting fee of £ 50, and at the discretion of the Trustees, may be excluded from further use of the building.

Opening Times

09.00 – 23.30 Hours – Available for hire every day of the year

Hire Rates

Main Building

Meeting Room No. 1     £ 6.00   / hr
Hall and Kitchen (for drinks only)    £ 11.00 / hr
Kitchen only    £ 7.00   / hr
Whole Building (for all parties and similar events)    £ 16.00 / hr

Rear Building     

Meeting Room 2 and Kitchen (for drinks only)    £ 9.00   / hr
Toilets only (for external events)     £ 5.00   / hr
Whole Building (for sports use)    £ 11.00 / hr