During the trying times that the country and the world is going through at the moment the regulations that the Community Centre has to comply with are complex and at times constantly changing. The trustees of the Greens Norton Community Centre Association, which operates the Centre, constantly monitor the regulations that are in place to maintain a safe environment for our visitors and users. As the Centre is not manned full time, (all those involved are volunteers, some with full time jobs) we do ask that our hall users, especially group leaders, assist with compliance of the regulations. As such this obligation is written into our terms of hire.

Social Distancing

As we all know this is an important aspect in controlling the virus and we encourage people to maintain good social distance at all times, ideally two metres. This is relevant both inside and outside the building and the car parks and approach areas.

Face Coverings

It is a legal requirement for everybody using the building to wear face coverings while indoors. There are signs in place at all entrances to remind people about this.

Entry and Exits

For the main building we have introduced a one way system, the entrance is via the front door while the signed exit is via one of the rear doors in the main hall. This helps to manage people flow and tries to prevent close contact wherever possible. There are floor markings in place to remind people of the requirement to allow space as they move around the building.

The rear building has a single entrance door with clear signage to remind people to give way and take care when entering and leaving.

Signing In

At each entrance door we have provided a signing in book which we require people to complete or alternatively, for those with the facility, we have posters to allow people to sign in with the HNS App. It is the group leader /booking organiser’s responsibility to make sure that people comply with this requirement. For organised groups, yoga for example, the group lead can decide that only they will sign in provided they have a full list of the participants for their group and keep records or a minimum of 21 days.

Hand / Surface Sanitizers

These are provided at each entrance and exits to the buildings. We ask everybody entering the building to use the hand sanitizers, and also the booking organisers/group leads to use the anti-bacterial cleaner provided to clean down door handles and surfaces subject to high contact both before and after their activity.

Limits on group sizes

For individuals there is a limit of six to the number of people that can meet either indoors or outdoors and this applies in the centre. For organised activities such as fitness classes run by commercial organisation the limits are different. In this case the organisation has the responsibility to comply with any restrictions that are relevant to their own activities. However, in all cases we have set an absolute limit of 30 for the main hall and 15 for the large meeting room in the rear building.


Opening Times

09.00 – 23.30 Hours – Available for hire every day of the year

Hire Rates

Main Building

Meeting Room No. 1     £ 5.00   / hr
Hall and Kitchen (for drinks only)    £ 10.00 / hr
Kitchen only    £ 6.00   / hr
Whole Building (for all parties and similar events)    £ 15.00 / hr

Rear Building     

Meeting Room 2 and Kitchen (for drinks only)    £ 8.00   / hr
Toilets only (for external events)     £ 5.00   / hr
Whole Building (for sports use)    £ 10.00 / hr